Sloan Herrick

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Sloan has a masters degree in social work and pursuing her personal mission to serve poor and marginalized communities suffering from the effects of disinvestment and abandonment.   In 2010, Sloan managed a State Senate campaign in an all Detroit district comprised largely of low-income and minority residents.   Raising over $60,000 for this effort, Sloan organized and implemented a direct voter contact strategy that touched over 10,000 households, refined the candidate’s policy platform, and built strong, strategic partnerships with block clubs and grassroots advocacy groups, which gave her a solid background in political relationships and constituents’ needs.   While the campaign did not win, the 5,900 votes for a first-time candidate totaled more than the combined vote totals of two former State Representatives who were in the race.

Recently, Sloan spent a year working for the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), a national nonprofit intermediary that provides advocacy, expertise, leadership, and financial resources to reduce the incidence of homelessness.   At CSH, Sloan helped with advocacy efforts to communicate the unmet needs of underserved communities which included a strong case statement on the benefits of permanent supportive housing designed to garner bi-partisan support and mobilize public will.

Since joining New Solutions Group in January 2011, Sloan has worked with the Community Development Advocates of Detroit, the Michigan Earned Income Coalition, the Michigan Foreclosure Task Force, and Global Detroit.  She has played a leadership role in helping to launch the ProsperUS Detroit microenterprise training, development, and lending program targeting low-income immigrants and people of color in Detroit’s North End, Cody-Rouge, and Southwest Detroit neighborhoods, as well as spearheading several committees for the Community Development Advocates of Detroit.