Community Economic Development Association of Michigan

From 2009-2012, New Solutions provided the staffing to the Michigan Foreclosure Task Force (MFTF) coordinated by the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM)–the state trade association for community development. MFTF consisted of nearly 200 member organizations including nonprofit housing counseling agencies, banks, legal services organizations, community development corporations, local units of government, and other statewide advocacy organizations. The Task Force provided state policy advocacy, information, training, and awareness about Michigan’s foreclosure crisis.

In addition to expanding the resources to assist local communities and organizations to attack this issue, the Task Force pioneered the Michigan Foreclosure Corps, an innovative Americorps program that connected 80 Americorps members with nonprofit housing counseling organizations across the state to assist these organizations in serving Michigan residents facing foreclosure and building awareness of government resources and free counseling and legal services. Collectively, the Michigan Foreclosure Corps has helped thousands of Michigan homeowners.

A 2011 project for the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) included a six-month long strategic planning effort for the Michigan Earned Income Credit Coalition (which CEDAM inherited as administrator after funding for the previous administrative system was cut).  For MEIC, New Solutions facilitated a series of coalition meetings resulting in a new mission and vision, performed one-on-one meetings with coalition members, performed substantial best practice research on similar organizations around the country, and recommended a structure, committees, and a five-year workplan and budget for advancing the coalition’s goals. 

New Solutions also facilitated some of the initial committee work, which informed a well-developed workplan that CEDAM is currently implementing. Since our work was completed in December 2011 and based on that work, CEDAM was able to secure additional operational funding to support MEIC.

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