From September 2011 to September 2012, New Solutions served as the Interim Director for the Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD).  In this role, New Solutions reported to CDAD’s Board of Directors, while also facilitating the engagement of some 50 nonprofit directors and community leaders  to ensure collaboration and collective movement forward.  New Solutions partners each “staffed” different CDAD committees to ensure accountability and efficiency. 

In under a year, our team developed budgets, memberships lists, a website, and email lists where none existed; engaged in fund development planning and fundraising—building the resources to support four FTEs from a point where there virtually were no resources; expanded the membership in both number and type of organizations; drove forward numerous strategic partnerships; and implemented a broad communications strategy (including the launch of a new website, new email newsletter list, and social media accounts). 

New Solutions also helped improve CDAD’s relationship with other entities and initiatives (such as the Detroit Works Project, as well as the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan), and facilitated the development of a new mission, vision, and workplan.

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